Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hacks on How to Install Artificial Grass on Your Balcony

As the real estate becomes increasingly robust, the interiors and exterior designers are also becoming more and more creative in their beautification works. Among the current beautification works that are causing a buzz in the industry is the artificial grass installation. Installation of artificial grass on balconies is increasingly becoming sought after by many homeowners. It is always beautiful to have your home appear natural as much as it can. The grass brings out serenity and a feeling of fulfillment to the homeowner. The beauty and authenticity are some of the factors that attract many homeowners to this synthetic grass. As a matter of fact, it changes the whole appearance of the home to a better one.

But this is an activity that requires professionalism for a pleasant outcome. Before one can start with the installation of the artificial grass, several factors that must be considered. Here are some of the three factors to be considered before laying out the synthetic grass:

• The surface
The type of surface intended for laying out the artificial grass on is a crucial factor to be considered. Not all surfaces are suitable for the laying of the grass, and thus, you must consult widely before settling on the installation. But the grass is very versatile in that it can be laid on wooden decking, paving, bricks and even concrete surfaces. It is advisable to ask for an expert opinion to avoid incurring unnecessary losses due to a bad surface.

• Nature of the surface and drainage
This grass should never be laid on an even surface. If you make this mistake while installing this grass, air pockets will form in the grass, and this will create an uneven look. The result will be destroying all the beauty that comes with this exterior type beautification. The surface should be made flat as much as possible. The surface must also have a good drainage or otherwise the expected result will never be achieved. Good drainage in imperative in this exercise. The grass cannot survive in a pool of water and thus the best thing that you can do is sorting out the drainage problems before installing it.

• Size of the balcony
From the designer’s perspective, the size of the balcony is a crucial factor also to be considered. If the balcony is very large, installing the artificial grass shape is suggested. This prevents the possible green overload at the same time you can break up the balcony into different areas. There can be a garden flower area to break the green fields for extra beautification.With three these factors having been put into consideration, then installing artificial grass becomes an easy task. Having gone through the mentioned factors and ticking them right, you will be ready initiate installation. These are the main steps that you must follow while installing the synthetic grass on your balcony.

• Laying the geotextile
Geotextile is a permeable textile material that is laid on the surface to increase the stability of the grass. Apart from the provision of the stability, the fabric also plays other roles such as preventing weed growth. By covering the surface, it denies weeds the access to sunlight and ample aeration. It becomes impossible for the weed to grow. This is also a mechanism for maintaining the grass tidy and smart for a long time. You have to roll out the fabric, cut it to the required size and fix it to the edges posts with nails. This will keep it stretched and in the required shape till the process is over.
It is also advisable to sprinkle the geotextile material with water to stick it to the base to unnecessary movements while laying grass. After cutting and laying out the geotextile material as required, the next step should be rolling out of the artificial grass.

• Rolling out artificial grass mat
Once the geotextile has been laid out, roll out the artificial grass mat. The technique is basically the same as that of the laying out the geotextile. Use the same direction of the pile throughout the entire project but always go for one pointing to the place where the grass is viewed from. Having a look the back of the pile will not give the best of the artificial grass. Make sure the grass mat is covering the geotextile material at the bottom extensively to hide it. This will make it impossible to differentiate natural grass and the synthetic one.

• Cutting edges
With the geotextile and the grass mat laid, the next step should be cutting and trimming the edges to get the perfect shape and appearance. The artificial grass is tough to cut, and this should be done with a strong and sharp knife. The cutting process should also be done keenly to avoid destroying the mat. You should start by cutting the edges off the backing. To avoid causing damages to the fibers, it is advisable to cut diagonally between the loops of the grass fibers.While cutting to size, it is advisable to allow for a 5 cm and above overlap of the grass. This helps in hiding the geotextile component beneath the grass. It will be unprofessional to leave the fabric part showing particularly if it is white colored. The last bit should be putting the seams together to form one rigid mat.

• Gluing
This is the final stage of installing artificial grass on the balcony. It involves the putting tape underneath the seam and then applying the glue. Make sure that you have mixed the glue thoroughly by the use of the glue mixer. The glue should also be divided into smaller portions for its distribution on the tape easier. Use the glue spatula to apply the glue and do not forget to wear plastic gloves. Any resides of the glue must be removed instantly since it can cause perforations between the fibers.

This is how you can successfully install artificial grass. If you can adhere to this manual step by step, then installing this grass on your balcony should never be a problem. The steps are very few and easy to follow, and thus, you can do it yourself. You must also consider the mentioned factors first to ensure that you have gotten value for your money. Hire the experts' services if you have an elaborate balcony, and there are many of them in Singapore to choose from.