Tuesday, 23 February 2016

9 Things You Didn't Know About Carpet Cleaning That Will Shock You

Most people in Singapore have carpet in some parts of their houses. Most of them use these carpets to keep their feet warm and cosy whereas some use to avoid sweeping the floor as they do not enjoy doing such works. But n order to maintain the looks of the carpet one has to keep them clean either himself or through professional carpet cleaning companies in Singapore.

You can avoid the quickly spoiling of your carpets by cleaning them regularly through carpet cleaning service providers as it will help in removing their stains and dirt, protecting their colours as well as slow down the growth of mildews or molds in them.

If you do not clean the carpets regularly, you are using daily, by hiring professional cleaners then your carpet can damage much before you expectations. But there are certain things most people didn't know about carpet cleaning that can shock them. Some of these less known jaw dropping facts are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Dirt gets attracted to greasy residue on your carpet: Your carpets in Singapore receive various types of oily substance that may come from outside through you, your family members or pets and from your kitchen. This greasy substance dries on your carpet after some time but it works like a magnet to attract dirt from the environment, internal as well as external. This bonding between the greasy residue and dirt helps together in changing the colour of your carpet. This discoloration of the carpet can be permanent if the carpet cleaning by professional cleaners is ignored for long time.

Your carpet can be crushed with sandy soil: Sandy soil comes into your home in Singapore through your feet or with air and gets accumulated in the form of sandpits in for off locations where it cannot be removed easily even by vacuum cleaning your home. But it can spread and get down into your carpet through its fibres. In this way the sandy soil can damage it whenever you walk on the carpet by grinding its fibres. You can stop this damage to your carpet by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for its regular cleaning.

Your carpet can affect your health: Your carpet traps a number of harmful pollutants from air including fungi, pollen, bacteria, chemicals, residues and tars from cigarette smoke as it works like a filter. All these harmful pollutants can affect your health when you breathe in. The chances of getting ill for you and your family increases if carpet cleaning is not done since long as your carpet has stored enough amount of pollutants to its full capacity. You will have to inhale these pollutants while breathing in which can make you ill temporarily or for long time. So regular cleaning of your carpet is necessary to remain healthy and get rid of these pollutants.

Trigger allergies: The dust mites infested in the carpets and upholsteries can worsen the situation for the people suffering from various respiratory problems, allergies as well as skin diseases including asthma, rhinitis and eczema etc. They may contain various types of allergens that can trigger various types of allergies in various parts of your body including saliva, hair and skin etc.

Stomach infection: Your carpet can contain various viruses which can upset your stomach even without coming in their direct contact. You can get rid of this problem by regular carpet cleaning through professional cleaners.

Bacteria live longer in your carpet: Bacteria and other pollutants infested into your carpet live in it for long time unless they are cleaned properly by professional cleaners. One should hire carpet cleaning professionals after every 12 to 18 months to get rid of these bacteria and pollutants perfectly. They can not only deface your carpet but can also cause various types of health problems if not cleaned on regular basis.

Carpets dirtier than toilets: The carpets of some people are many times dirtier than even an average street of a city. Some of them are dirtier than your toilet seat as they contain 4,000 times more viruses than the later one. So, regular carpet cleaning through professional cleaners becomes necessary to avoid such unhygienic condition which can affect not only the residents of that house in Singapore but also the people nearby it.

Easy maintenance of carpet colours: You can maintain the colours of your carpet easily even without hiring a carpet cleaning service. You have to sprinkle common salt on the dirty spots and let it remain for at least one hour before vacuuming your carpet. It will brighten the colours of your carpet.

Can be made beneficial for allergic people: The regular cleaning of the carpet can make the environment suitable for the allergic people. It will release the allergens and dust mites trapped into the fibres of the carpet. The condition can worsen for the allergy sufferers if the carpet cleaning is not done regularly and properly for their better maintenance.

So after knowing all the shocking facts about carpet cleaning if you have not cleaned your carpet since long through professional company then instead of wasting time you should immediately find a good service provider and get it cleaned as soon as possible. Some people believe on misguiding myths like carpet should be cleaned only if it is stained or cleaning of the carpet can ruin it or the carpet will shrink by cleaning it frequently. But instead of believing on such myths you should you should find a really professional company at your first priority to clean your dirty carpets and live in healthy environment in Singapore.

Though by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company you will increase your cost but the benefits you are getting after cleaning your carpets professionally will be worth any cost. If the cleaning of your carpets is due and you want to live a good and healthy life then you should immediately contact a professional cleaning service in Singapore for this purpose. They will clean your carpets in a very professional manner within your budget.